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Regarding implementation of synonyms:

I checked and a few older collections have been implemented with synonyms
being marked by separating words which are synonyms by commas. Also, they
are included in just one entry. Eg: "to teach: lehren, unterrichten." This
is also how they are implemented in kvtml. But, as they aren't being
parsed, during written practice only the full string "lehren, unterrichten"
is accepted.

But I think, later on it was decided that synonyms would be implemented by
selecting the words in the synonym panel, in the editor. Eg: "lehren and
unterrichten are synonyms". Also, synonyms are given an appropriate tag in
the kvtml file. Eg: (the bug is
fixed though, i guess. I checked.) But in this case, "to teach" has two
entries, one for each synonym. This causes a problem because during the
practice session, even though it accepts either of the synonyms as correct,
it asks for the translation of the same word twice. Eg. 1/10 is "to teach"
in written mode. I answer unterrichten. Parley tells me it is a synonym but
correct. I move on to 2/10. But again the word is "to teach", and answer
unterrichten again and it tells me it is correct.

So the question do you want to implement it? Using a synonym tag
and feature as added, I'd suggest we just ask the word once, and accept
either of the answers. Repeating it doesnt make any sense to me.

I'll happily implement it in a patch if we could discuss and find out the
feature required. :)

Amarvir Singh
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