Review Request 115754: [Patch][parley]Fixes the implementation of grades and boxes in practice mode and the working of '3 consecutive right answers' mode

Amarvir Singh amarvir.ammu.93 at
Fri Feb 21 21:15:13 UTC 2014

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Review request for KDE Edu.

Bugs: 331149

Repository: parley


This fixes three issues with the implementation of grades and boxes, which become obvious when using the alternative learning mode (3 consecutive right answers).
These issues are:

      1. In alternative learning mode, the next grade box lights up, even though the question hasn't been answered correctly thrice consecutively, only to return back
         to the previous grade when the question is asked again.

      2. For a new word, that hasn't been learned yet, if the user answers it correctly the first time, ie. he/she knew the word already, the grade should increase from 0 to 2.
         (0 to 1 for having learnt the word, and 1 to 2 for correctly answering it).
         This would signify that the user knew the word already. But, even though the practice mode shows this increase in grades through the boxes, it doesn't actually
         increase the grade twice. The next time this word is seen in practice, it is actually at grade 1. This is actually an effect of issue 3.

      3. Parley doesn't increase the grade from 0 to 1 (new to learned) just because it has been seen once, in case the user answered it correctly.
         The increase seen is actually due to the "answered correctly" part and not the "this word has been learned" part.
         The effect of this issue can been clearly seen in alternative mode. In case the word is answered once correctly, the next occurrence of the same word doesn't have the
         grade 1 box lit up. And starting a new session without answering thrice or answering wrong, results in the word being marked as unseen.

This patch fixes these bugs, so that even the alternative learning mode works correctly.

Fixes BUG: #331149


  src/practice/practicestatemachine.cpp 016370a 
  src/practice/testentry.h 5519197 
  src/practice/testentry.cpp df9716d 



Tested, and the patch works successfully.


Amarvir Singh

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