LabPlot+Cantor for GSOC 2014?

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at
Wed Feb 19 20:27:19 UTC 2014

> There is one problem with LabPlot that whenever I try to plot something it
> closes unexpectedly. How should I handle that and secondly I have
> completely understand the workflow. Now one thing which I would I like to
> ask that according to which package I should develop the extract data
> function, like g3data using gtk or like digitizer.
No, you shouldn't use gtk...
I mentioned those projects just as examples for things that we also can 
implement for LabPlot. You can pick up some ideas there or look for solutions 
for some technical problems, if there will be any at all. The code and the 
appearance of this new tool should be very close in style to everything we 
have now in LabPlot. And it should, of course, be Qt-based :-)


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