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Hi Alexander,
The problem I am facing is same as reported in bug 330656. Is someone
working on this bug? If not I would first like to work on the bug and then
go for the addition of the feature you told me.

Thanks and Regards,

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> Hi Alexander,
> There is one problem with LabPlot that whenever I try to plot something it
> closes unexpectedly. How should I handle that and secondly I have
> completely understand the workflow. Now one thing which I would I like to
> ask that according to which package I should develop the extract data
> function, like g3data using gtk or like digitizer.
> Thanks and Regards,
> Shubham
> On Sun, Feb 16, 2014 at 3:47 AM, Alexander Semke <Alexander.Semke at>wrote:
>> Hi Shubham,
>> > I am going through LabPlot code, but having difficulty understanding it.
>> > Any ideas on how should I start and from where I should start?
>> I think, at the beginning you only have to know kdefrontend/MainWin.cpp
>> and
>> kdefrontend/LabPlot2.rc in order to extend the main menu and to provide a
>> new
>> entry for starting the new tool. As I already said in my previous email,
>> this
>> digitizer tool is more or less self-consistent and independent piece of
>> code
>> and you can develop it in the beginning without the deeper understanding
>> of
>> labplot's code basis. Just create a new widget/dialog with the
>> possibility to
>> load an image or pdf/ps/eps-file, to define the coordinate system on top
>> of
>> the loaded image and to collect the pairs of x- and y-coordinates by
>> clicking
>> the points. If this is done, consider extending this widget with
>> additional
>> functionality that would make this tool more user-friendly (like zooming
>> in
>> into a small area under the mouse cursor etc.). When this is done, you can
>> start to learn the interface of the labplots's Spreadsheet and Column in
>> order
>> to transfer the collected data.
>> I'll try to write some documentation on the code in the next weeks.
>> Regards
>> Alexander
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