The next file format

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at
Tue Aug 26 21:19:49 UTC 2014

Le 26/08/2014 22:48, Andreas Xavier a écrit :
> I think that anything that requires gstreamer, or qt5gstreamer including
> kdelibs4support already have the Boost requirement.  It is inescapable.

As I understand it gstreamer is used by Qt only on _some_ platforms. 
Thus if we add a Boost dependency it will force use to cross compile 
boost for iOS, Android, Windows and all platforms that does not use 

BTW, on kubuntu, I just checked Qt 5.3 and found no libraries requiring 
boost. Maybe I don't check properly, I used:
cd Qt/5.3/gcc_64 && find . -name \*.so | xargs ldd | grep -i boost


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