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 > On Tuesday 26 August 2014 12:51:44 Andreas Xavier wrote: 
 > > > I think we have most requirements now. I will write a first overview 
 > > > suggestion and put on the wiki. Since most people seem to be preferring 
 > > > JSON over XML I will propose that. 
 > > I would like to add my voice to Todd and make a case for YAML. 
 > >  
 > > YAML is more human-readable than JSON.  To a non-programmer balancing braces 
 > > {} is as non-obvious as balancing tags. 
 > >  
 > > From reading the Dataset_handling page it looks like gcompris plans on 
 > > passing the payload opaquely to the applications as JSON.  YAML supports 
 > > embedding JSON. 
 > >  
 > > The only caveat is availability of a library.  I have looked through the 
 > > CMake files of yaml-cpp and they have options covering a range of compilers 
 > > (gcc,Clang andMSVC) and platforms (unix, win32, and iphone).  The only 
 > > required package is Boost, which is already required in some KDE packages.  
 > > I think yaml-cpp is probably acceptable to KDE but I don't know where or 
 > > who to check with. 
 > So the question is, how important do we rate the use-case of (non-)programmers  
 > opening the ZIP archives and editing the vocabulary files by hand in  
 > comparison to the "cost" of another library. (And that together with the quite  
 > heavy dependency of Boost.) 
 > With an eye on making the live for porters (to Mac, Windows, Android,..)  
 > easier and taking into consideration that we are talking about a library and  
 > not an application, I am in favor of reducing external dependencies where  
 > possible and reasonable. 

I think that anything that requires gstreamer, or qt5gstreamer including 
kdelibs4support already have the Boost requirement.  It is inescapable.

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