Features in next version of Parley

Andreas Xavier andxav at zoho.com
Tue Aug 26 19:54:33 UTC 2014

Feature:  New word and Final word games/methods

I would like to see special games/methods used for new words and 
when a word is retired.  

The new word card serves several purposes:
1. It shows the student the new word, all the cues image, audio, native word etc.
2. It asks the user to self assess so that Parley can decide what Leitner 
    box to start them in.
3. It lets the user know that they have started a new word, without asking 
   them to answer an unfair question about a word they may never have seen before.

A quick way to implement this would be to use the multi-choice template and ask
the question:

This is a new word.  How well do you know this word?
a. Completely new to me.
b. I need a lot of practice. 
c  I still need some practice.
d. Fluently.

or  perhaps

This is new word.  How intensively do you want to start practicing this word?
a. As much as possible.
b. Daily.
c. Weekly.
d. I do not need to practice this word.

A better way to implement it would be the same questions, but use a slider for the self-assessment.

The retired word card serves a single purpose:
1. It provides the student a sense of completion/accomplishment.

After the student reaches the highest level for a word
, I would once again show the student all of the cues, but also 
with the text.

You have reach the maximum training interval for this word.  Congratulations.

I would only do this the first time the student reaches the maximum training interval, 
otherwise refreshing vocabulary that you are on a maintenance level would be tedious.

Cheers Andreas.

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