KAnagram QML WebView crash

Jeremy Whiting jpwhiting at kde.org
Fri Aug 22 21:45:12 UTC 2014

Hello all,

I'm reaching out because I can't seem to find a solution myself.

TLDR If you can get a backtrace from building and running
scratch/whiting/testqmlapp which uses QtWebKit's QML WebView I'd very
much appreciate it.

KAnagram qt4 version from master (before frameworks branch was merged)
has a qml WebView to show wikipedia data for the current word as a
hint (obvious hint, but nevertheless). Now that master branch is kf5
based I've disabled this feature temporarily because on my machine at
least every time the WebView becomes visible KAnagram crashes. KCrash
shows two lines of ?? so isn't helpful. gdb kanagram shows no ui
strangely enough. At any rate I've simplified kanagram's code to a
base/small set of sources that also crashes when the WebView is shown
here, and I'd like to see if anyone knows why or can get me a
backtrace that could help. Note I've built Qt5 myself twice to try to
get a backtrace, but for some reason when building qt5 from git
QtWebKit is built as a QtQuick 1 library (placed into qtbase/imports)
rather than a QtQuick 2 library (placed into qtbase/qml) (If anyone
can explain why this is the case I'd like to know that also...) so if
you've built qt5 yourself you probably also wont be able to run this
test app. If I can't solve this crash I'll simply disable this feature
for the 14.12 release and look at it again once Qt 5.4 is released,
which will have a Blink based WebEngine or something to try it with
I'm told.


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