Randa KDE Edu Objectives

Bruno Coudoin bruno.coudoin at gcompris.net
Fri Aug 8 13:46:02 UTC 2014

Le 08/08/2014 09:28, Andreas Cord-Landwehr a écrit :
> Hi, since the Randa sprint is starting tomorrow, I think it is about 
> time to start collecting things that we want to achieve for KDE Edu as 
> a whole.
> As always, we are a pretty disperse group with everyone working on 1-2 
> (or more) applications, but it would be cool if we could find some 
> common objectives or questions we want to discuss and which are 
> important for KDE Edu as a whole. (And to be honest, I do not have to 
> sit in the mid of the Swiss Alps to hack on Rocs and Artikulate on my 
> own ;)
> Typical topics can be KF5-porting, approaching mobile devices, 
> collaboration between some applications, the website, outreaching for 
> teachers etc. Please have a look at
> https://community.kde.org/KDEEdu/Sprint2014
> and add the points you want to discuss and achieve.


I realize that I have not yet talked directly the KDE Edu community 
since GCompris joined the KDE incubator.

On the GCompris side we will be 3 and I think it would be nice to have 
some high level discussions around KDE Edu to make sure we understand it 
well. We can then present where we are on GCompris and where we want to go.

Concerning our specific work for GCompris at Randa, we are working on 
the teacher administration feature.

I updated the Wiki about that.

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