Review Request 115758: Add sound to kgeography

Jaime Torres Amate jtamate at
Wed Aug 6 21:03:40 UTC 2014

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This change has been discarded.

Review request for KDE Edu and Albert Astals Cid.

Bugs: 132702

Repository: kgeography


The code to choose the sound file is borrowed from kalarm.
Add phonon to play sounds (can not be easier).
Add the configuration to select the sound files.


  CMakeLists.txt e7a6d9c 
  src/CMakeLists.txt 9e49f0d 
  src/askwidget.h 32421b0 
  src/askwidget.cpp 7f9e3cc 
  src/boxasker.h 507099f 
  src/boxasker.cpp f0a5b60 
  src/capitaldivisionasker.h 744c43c 
  src/capitaldivisionasker.cpp 495eb26 
  src/divisioncapitalasker.h 0246482 
  src/divisioncapitalasker.cpp 625379b 
  src/divisionflagasker.h ffee8c2 
  src/divisionflagasker.cpp 361c973 
  src/flagdivisionasker.h 623a249 
  src/flagdivisionasker.cpp 34f7711 
  src/kgeography.h 4506bd0 
  src/kgeography.cpp e5e5305 
  src/kgeography.kcfg 14f5d4f 
  src/kgeographyoptions.ui 109b077 
  src/mapasker.h 4e89fe5 
  src/mapasker.cpp 22e0c24 
  src/placeasker.h 7d27178 
  src/placeasker.cpp d65e030 



It only make sounds when selected in the configuration, and the sound file exists.


Jaime Torres Amate

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