KDE educational software updates

David Narvaez david.narvaez at computer.org
Sun Jul 14 21:54:03 UTC 2013

On Thu, Jul 11, 2013 at 10:08 AM, Federica Malesardi
<dublinsales3 at camara.ie> wrote:
> We are currently using your software such as  “KHangMAn”, "Parley",
> "Kalgebra" and "KTouch".  I am writing to enquire about any updates
> concerned with them.
> We will soon be upgrading to 12.04 Ubuntu, so it is an opportunity to update
> the educational package we offer.  As far as your software is concerned, do
> you have an updated version?  In addition, do you have any other educational
> programs that we could include in our package to schools?


>From the paragraph above I have the impression that your question is
about how to update your KDE Edu software once you have updated to
Ubuntu 12.04. I just wanted to clarify that, provided you installed
your KDE Edu packages from the distribution's software manager, these
will update automatically while you update to Ubuntu 12.04 so you do
not need a separate update process for that.

> Camara Education is an international social enterprise, we re-use computers
> in order to improve education and digital literacy skills in disadvantaged
> communities in Ireland, Africa, Haiti and Jamaica.
> If you require any further information, feel free to contact me.

That sounds very interesting. It is always important for us to know
about the people using our software so that we can incorporate your
feedback. We would even be interested in posting an article in our
news site about the work you are doing and how is KDE Edu helping you,
see [1] for a similar article.

David E. Narvaez

[1] http://dot.kde.org/2013/07/04/year-linux-desktop

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