Finding the Unloved 2013, acions.

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Mon Feb 18 17:08:43 UTC 2013

Still Cross Posting - don't hate me.

Come on guys and gals, it's been three days since I send this e-mail and no
one answered, we cant stop doing the finding the unloved since it brings
people to the project, and kde is an open project mainly driven by non-paid
contribuitors, finding the unloved is a good way to start participating.

Help me find the unloved, the once-loved and the apps that need help (
could be a GSoC project or a Summer of KDE project too )


2013/2/15 Tomaz Canabrava <tcanabrava at>

> Fellow Developers,
> ( Cross Posting to kde-devel and kde-edu, there's probably other places
> that I should have send this too. )
> I'm organizing this year's round of Finding the Unloved, and it's a good
> thing that it's happening at the same time as the Google Summer of Code
> 2013, since we can join forces and have some  old but very userfull apps
> back to life ( I can think of a bunch, like Kommander, and the recently
> reborn KTouch ). We have lots and lots of apps that have great potential
> but got stuck in the KDE 3 era, I need your help as developers, project
> admins, to list those softwares and create a good list.
> The 10 biggest contribuitors of the app list will gain an autographed
> picture of Konqui. ( no kidding. )
> The Wiki were we will focus the collaboration is [1], I don't know if a
> merge with the Summer of code is desirable ( since I want to participate in
> the Summer of Code this year , and I'm organizing this stuff here ) but
> enough of talking, let's rock and fill this list.
> [1] -
> Tomaz Canabrava
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