LabPlot2 for kde-edu?

Alexander Semke Alexander.Semke at
Sat Dec 28 09:38:27 UTC 2013

Hi all,

I'm one of the developers of labplot. LabPlot2 is close to its first stable 
release. The official homepage [1] is a bit outdated and will get updated in 
the next couple of days. You can have a look at some screenshots here [2] and 
here [3] if you want to know what LabPlot2 is and how it looks like.

I'm thinking about becoming an official part of kde-edu. What are the 
conditions for this?

I saw a couple of nice features in kmplot that are not available in LabPlot 
yet. I'm also thinking about Cantor and how to combine such an interface for 
different CASs with LabPlot2. 2d-plotting and editing of many plot objects in 
LabPlot2 is in quite good shape now. Besides implementing new smaller features 
after the first release, on of the next big steps to go could be the 
integration of a script language like python or so in order to make possible 
the workflow similar to matplotlib (e.g. [4]). Instead of python, or better to 
say, in addition to python, the integration of, say, Maxima would be greate. 
This is where the expertise of Cantor's authors would be very valuable.

Just saw a review request for analitza on this mailing list. I was not aware 
of this project before. Looks like there is a lot of similar work done by 
independent projects. So, a collaboration between these projects in the long 
term would be very nice and we can try to create _the_ plotting software for 
KDE that goes beyond the current possibilities of other similar projects in 
Qt/KDE-world (labplot, scidavis, kst, veusz, qtiplot, qcustomplot etc.)

What do you think about this?

I hope, the developers of kmplot and cantor are reading this mailing list. If 
not, please tell me so I can try to get them directly :-)

Best regards


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