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On Wednesday 21 August 2013 16:57:41 quentin.henriet at wrote:
> My name is Quentin Henriet, I'm French, and I'd like to help you for
> Artikulate if you're still looking for help.
> I use Kubuntu and I installed the latest snapshot from Git, I cloned the
> Course Data Repository too. Artikulate works quite well, but I am unable 
> record my voice for the moment, it seems that my USB microphone 
> work with this software whatever the backend (it works in System 
> and with Skype, I will investigate further :))

Hey Quentin, great to hear! Of course we will find a way how you can help :)

Regarding your recording problems, I would suggest to try "pavucontrol". 
That is a quite handy configuration tool especially for configuring audio 
inputs (and it has a live view that tells you if your inputs are working). Also 
useful are KMixer and the console tool "alsamixer". My typical brenchmark 
program to see whether all my audiosettings are working is audacity, by 
the way. If all this does not work, I can have a look at how we can select 
input devices directly in the application (maybe the problem with a USB 

The coordination of the French recordings is done by Magdalena (CC in 
this mail, but also on this list). For the beginning, maybe the best is if you 
have a clone of the artikulate-data repository at some public accessible Git 
service (gitorious, github...) and I can pull your changes from there.

We usually work the way that a native speaker works at one unit, 
translates the phrases, and records about half the phrases in that unit 
(the other half then is recorded by a female/male speaker depending on if 
the first speaker was male/female).

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