ktouch/next ready for merge

Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Tue Oct 23 17:16:16 UTC 2012

> The Layout thing worries me a bit, for a few schools in brazil uses
> KDE-Edu on windows ( I'v managed to make them install kdeedu, but not
> linux... sigh. )
> What can I do to help on that part?
> where should I look at?
What has to be done is basically:

 * Check which of the 39 keyboard layouts we support are available on Windows 
and how they are called
 * Establish some kind of mapping between the names on Windows and on X11, 
preferably automated so the maintenance effort needed is minimal

This needs some investigation first and I'm afraid it's to late for that for 
KDE SC 4.10 because tomorrow is already the Soft Feature Freeze. I think 
Windows support is important in long term, but I have to prioritize my tasks 
to get anything done. Because I'm a Linux guy and developing on Windows is, 
let's say, less than fun, that task got a rather low priority by me. So this 
will have to wait for KDE SC 4.11.

The important thing for you is, that the old Windows version of KTouch won't 
go anywhere, just because we release a newer (and better) X11 version for 
Linux. So the situation for will be same, you just won't profit from the new 
features for now.

Best regards,


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