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Lydia Pintscher lydia at
Tue Oct 23 13:01:31 UTC 2012

Heya folks :)

Sorry for mass-mailing but this concerns pretty much everyone. Google
Code-in applications have started. I just submitted our application.
To be successful we now need to add tasks to this list:

Please only add tasks you are willing to mentor (or if you know
someone else is)!

A few things to keep in mind:
* this is not just about code. We also need other tasks (likely even
more than coding tasks)
* we need at least 5 tasks in each category
* a task should take a normal KDE contributor about 2 hours (This is
to give you some idea of how much work a task should be. If you have
doubts/questions please come to me.)
* there are no translation tasks this time
* there are no easy/normal/hard tasks - all the same this time
* we get to choose 2 grand-price winners among our best kids. This
means students are much more likely to stick with one org this time.
* the kids don't get money this time
* Google expects a turn-around time on tasks of less than 36 hours.
I'd like to us try to get to less than 24 hours if at all possible.
* check the timeline
( If you're
not available to approve and review tasks for some of that time please
add that to the task description

We need this list finished latest by November 5th but earlier would be
a lot better.
Please spread the word to everyone who's not yet aware of it but should be.

Cheers and thanks for your help

PS: Please CC me on replies as I am not subscribed to all lists.

Lydia Pintscher -
KDE Community Working Group / KDE e.V. board member -

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