KTouch interface strings

Sebastian Gottfried sebastiangottfried at web.de
Sat Nov 24 16:44:36 UTC 2012


sorry for the late answer, I had no access to the internet since yesterday.

> Also, message 121 (src/qml/ScoreScreen.qml:191) says simply "On:". It is
> not easy to translate prepositions without context - does this refer to
> a switch or...?
This refers to the lesson the tooltip of a stat data point is referring to.  
Yuris' translation as 'lesson' is semantically correct, if prefer concise 
labels so I opted for 'On:' as in 'Performance on lesson X'. 

> Similar problem with msg 134 (src/qml/ScoreScreen.qml:419): "Over"
In the score screen there are four controls in a row forming some kind of 
sentence, at least in English:

Show [Progress] Over [This Lesson]


Show [Progress] Over [All Lessons]

Show [Errors]

The parts in in square brackets are buttons and trigger popup menus to switch 
between the alternatives above.

I could switch to i18nc to provide more context for the translation teams, but 
I guess I have to ask permission on the i18n mailing list at this time of the 
release cycle, right?

Best regards,


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