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Mon Nov 12 13:53:16 UTC 2012

Hi Adrien,

I am not in charge of Marble, but thank you for your feedback! After a bit
of talking with Dennis on IRC, you may have more luck if you send your
feedback to the marble mailing list [1], too.



On Sun, Nov 11, 2012 at 9:09 AM, Adrien <adrien.grellier at> wrote:

> Hi,
> I am using marble for while now, and I like it a lot, so first thank you
> very much !
> I would like to use marble to plan canoë trips, on french rivers, but
> currently it is not very convenient. To my point of view marble could be
> improved on those points :
> – a satellite view like google maps, bing or geoportail. I is much better
> than maps to have an idea of the environnment : trees, curves of the river,
> dams, fields to carry the canoë, etc. I know these maps are not free, but
> they brings a lot of information which lacks in openstreetmap for instance.
> – a way to defined the « route », along the river. For now I add mesure
> points. The idea is to defined the start, the end of the trip, and marble
> automatically draws the route (and indicate the distance), as it does for
> roads.
> – a way to add comments : « Attention, dams ! », « stop for lunch », «
> special bird's nests », « portage of the canoë », « old castle », etc.
> – a way to share the trip. I would like to be able to easily share the map
> with others. Some have marble, other don't. For instance, it could be cool
> to have a button « send by email » (or IM) to export/import the map, route
> and comments using marble, or maybe a webservice like openstreetmap.
> With these features, marble will be very very good for my usage. I don't
> know if it's easy to implement, but I am sure those features could also
> benefit to people who don't do canoë :-)
> Again, thank you for marble, it is already a good tool !
> Adrien
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