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Perhaps, you can also get feedback from the kde-artist mailing list. Pardon
me if you had already heard of that. By the way, nice job to engage such
talents in KDE. :-)


On Fri, Nov 9, 2012 at 8:18 PM, Andreas Cord-Landwehr <
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> Dear all,
> this is only a really short heads up about ongoing work at the icon sets
> used
> in Rocs (for this, target is 4.11, so we have no hurry):
> Recently I attended a talk by one of our Computer Science students who
> presented some algorithms and illustrated them with really fantastic
> graphics/icons (everything created by himself!) So I asked him, if he could
> think about spending some time in overwholing and extending the Rocs icon
> sets. Attached, you see the first draft of what he sent me.
> In the next days I hope we will find time to talk a little bit about what
> icons are currently missing and which ones could be redone (well, most of
> the
> icons were done by Tomaz and me and actually, we are no artists :)
> If you have any remarks/suggestions/references to (KDE) style guides one
> should know about, please say so. I will keep you tuned, once we have a
> more
> concrete plan which icons to do or maybe even a first set of finished
> icons.
> Greetings,
>    Andreas
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