Ongoing work on Rocs icon sets

Andreas Cord-Landwehr phoenixx at
Fri Nov 9 20:18:54 UTC 2012

Dear all,

this is only a really short heads up about ongoing work at the icon sets used 
in Rocs (for this, target is 4.11, so we have no hurry):

Recently I attended a talk by one of our Computer Science students who 
presented some algorithms and illustrated them with really fantastic 
graphics/icons (everything created by himself!) So I asked him, if he could 
think about spending some time in overwholing and extending the Rocs icon 
sets. Attached, you see the first draft of what he sent me.

In the next days I hope we will find time to talk a little bit about what 
icons are currently missing and which ones could be redone (well, most of the 
icons were done by Tomaz and me and actually, we are no artists :)

If you have any remarks/suggestions/references to (KDE) style guides one 
should know about, please say so. I will keep you tuned, once we have a more 
concrete plan which icons to do or maybe even a first set of finished icons.

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