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On 05/28/2012 01:14 AM, freemind wrote:
> Hi,
> Saw this blog post : 
> - and 
> thought of giving my feedback on the UI design.
> Some issues, for me at least, that i found were:
> *Players' panel should include the "join" panel, since they're 
> correlated.
> *A delete icon with no text is confusing, specially if it means to 
> quit the application.
> *It's not intuitive to get back to the previous menu/screen when you 
> press the Info button.
> *There should be some kind of visual clue in the "game panel", that 
> showed that the last row is a subgroup of the first row. Otherwise it 
> appears that each icon is a different type of game.
Sorry can you explain this point more?

> *The gameplay for multi-player seems nonsensical if it's meant to be 
> played on the same computer/device. A better way to do it would be to 
> let each player finish the entire game and then a chronometer would 
> count the amount of time each player took and the one with lesser time 
> would win.
This   game is meant for little children and you cannot let a kid wait 
until another or even others finished. Plus the alternation of players 
allow the kids to learn from one another. So IMHO it makes more sense 
how it is now.
> *Perhaps changing the background to something more colorful would be 
> better.
> *There should be a way to pause the game while it's running.
> *The delete icon for the player should appear on mouse click instead 
> of mouse hover, so it can work on touch devices as well.
> I understand that some things i pointed out are more technical bugs  
> than actual UI design issues. But just in case i put them there.
> My suggestion is to change the game menu into a typical game menu. 
> What i mean by typical is that at first we have the menu with options 
> like Play, Scores, Get themes, About, etc. Each option, when clicked, 
> would then show a new group of options (clearing the previous ones 
> out, obviously). This leaves bigger space for the game icons for 
> example, which is a good thing if we're on a touch device with a small 
> screen.
> I also made some mock-ups, let me know what you think...
I do not think that this step configuration is a good thing for children 
and in the developing phase we adopted for a layout that could reduce if 
not eliminate the steps.
A solution (already suggested) to increase the board space   for touch 
device is  the one that put the left menu on a sliding panel. So it 
comes up only
when the user needs it and not when he plays
> It lacks many images (laziness), but i think you get the general idea.
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The rest of the points are good suggestion


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