KAlgebra/Analitza, improve equations support

Harsh Sharma harsh.ksharma1234 at gmail.com
Sun May 6 17:03:13 UTC 2012


 I am a undergraduate student at DA-IICT,India pursuing Btech in
Information and Communication Technology. I want to become a part of the
project "KAlgebra/Analitza, improve equations support"
 I have done 2 courses in Algebraic set theory till yet(one basic and one
advance)  and i have good confidence in this course. This must surely help
me in doing this project quite nicely, as mentioned by Aleix also that some
understanding Algebric Set Theory will be nice.

Actually the main reason for me to join this project is that I am a
addicted user of KAlgebra and I really want to contribute in a project
which is close to me.Actually according to me the best part of KAlgebra is
the flow of it. Any one can use it and I think it is the strength of this

As the project point of view I have already started to play with the code
of KAlgebra.And as you mentioned that for this project the main task is to
do more and more unit test I am sure that understanding of code will
definitely help me to do testing and to improve further the support of
equations solving in KAlgebra, by making it possible to support more types
of functions quite easily.

Apart from this due to having interest in designing and programming in
Android I can also contribute something in the project KAlgebra/Mobile, a
mobile keyboard "design and implement a keyboard to be able to use it on a
mobile system such as Plasma Active or Android" side by side of this


Harsh Sharma
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