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Fri May 4 10:39:40 UTC 2012

Hi Laszlo,

Am Freitag, 4. Mai 2012, 12:51:38 schrieb Laszlo Papp:
> > In my opinion, usage of the Plasma Components is preferable in comparison
> > to creating an own widget set for QML.
> https://qt.gitorious.org/qtplayground/qtdesktopcomponents
That's a viable option once they get readily available. As far as I can see 
they have even compatible API wrt Plasma Components. Right now I would still 
prefer to use Plasma Components, because that's the option which is already 
installed on every single computer of KTouch's user base, at least since KDE 
SC 4.8.
> > All components live either in kde-libs or in kde-runtime, so their are no
> > additional dependencies for KDE applications wanting to use them.
> That is incorrect. The plasma components reside in kde-runtime. It is
> an additional dependency for a kdelibs based application which is the
> case with QtGui, KDE UI or qt desktop components.
I thought kde-runtime is the place for run time dependencies for all KDE 
applications.  I guess virtually every KDE application depends on some 
components from kde-runtime. The old KTouch used kio, for example.

> So before dropping a frontend, why not create a theme-able frontend
> for us then ?
I think the old interface is in state beyond repair. It's menu system is so 
convoluted, that's hard to find the important options, like course and 
keyboard layout selection.  In general it has a feeling that over time many 
things got tucked on.

So I decided to start over and evaluated the tools available. The center part 
of the application is obviously the training part, consisting of the training 
widget and the keyboard layout. Because both need custom graphics I picked Qt 
Quick to implement them.

For the rest of the application I've quickly realized that I'm so much more 
productive with Qt Quick than with QtWidgets so I stuck with it. Obviously 
soon a need for classic widgets arose. For this, and only for this, I picked 
Plasma Components, because it solves the problem nicely and is readily 

> Pretty please, do not force the users for using Plasma only,
> especially if there are other alternatives existing I am happy with.
> I am really worried about this Plasma enforcement in general. As for
> me, it is scary to hear delete everything which is non-plasma...
I think that's an exaggeration. KTouch stays a standalone application and 
won't turn into Plasmoid. I don't use any of the high level Plasma components 
like containments, applets, data engines or services, just some low level 
components to render buttons and such. 

Once the Qt Desktop Components gets ready for general consumption, I'm more 
than happy to switch to them, but right now, I think the best option is Plasma 

Best regards,

Sebastian Gottfried

> Best Regards,
> Laszlo Papp
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