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Fri May 4 07:36:34 UTC 2012

Hi Laszo,sorry for the name mistake
I understand but it seems harsh to give a vote down without trying the 
About the UI, after you try it you can say exactly what you do not like about 
it, saying you do not like Qt Quick  and Plasma is not enough for a developer, 
maybe you want a cleaner interface an option could be added for that.

This new application needs as many people to try it and give constructive 
feedback and even it will not replace KTouch it could be given a name and 
placed on kde-apps.org or something. I hope I will have time to build and use 
this application and make a comparison, Pairs application started in a similar 
way, we had more implementations for a basic memory game, then a comparison 
was made, the good and bad of each implementation and Pairs was born as a 
combinations of the best features.
We can try this again and even add new ideas (current Ktouch is not so fun but 
I am not sure how to make it more fun/enjoyable to use, maybe you can get 
"Level UPs " and unlock stuff)

On Friday, May 04, 2012 10:01:15 AM Laszlo Papp wrote:
> Hi Simion,
> > Hi Lazlo,
> My first name is "Laszlo".
> > Did you tried the application first?
> Like I said, different people prefer distinct solutions. This is not
> my preference, and as such: I have not accordingly tried. Please note
> that, I am not referring to the actual code base, plasma frontend
> feature set and so forth yet. I am merely talking about the
> integration process.
> > Also any constructive ideas?
> Yes, and actually I have even told that. :-) Then again, please check
> out the kanagram or khangman (I presume there are more examples)
> repositories how a new frontend addition happened in those cases. I
> can understand that certain code bases were not written with new UI
> frontends in mind back then, but still: we need to have a proper
> replacement if would like to drop anything.
> In other words, the desktop frontend and the new one can co-exist. For
> sure, it is not always possible to port the existing desktop frontend
> to a modified functionality code, but the already existing frontend
> should not become broken without a proper replacement, if needed. That
> is why I asked my first questions, really. :-)
> > I will try to make time in weeekend and compile it on mu kubuntu(if
> > someone
> > has instructions or a package would be great)
> > Now if the logic code is clener and better then oin the old application
> > what is so hard to create an alternative interface? the old interface is
> > easy to make)at least the main window) .
> Then why is there no replacement, or the keeping of the previous as an
> alternative for the users ?
> > To all KDE-edu  comunity please keep you mind open and give the
> > application a try and work with the developer to improve it.( I am not
> > the developer and I do not know him)
> My impression is that the KDE Edu community has an open mind set. That
> is my concern why "plasma is the only true way" is no go. Contributors
> and developers should handle the existing code and user base
> carefully. That is all I wished to highlight.
> Do not get me wrong. :-) I am not saying the plasma frontend with the
> plasma component set might not be great for plasma addicts.
> > What I would like to check first in the application is the support for
> > people with eye problems, like possibility to configure the fonts sizes.
> That is a good idea in my opinion.
> Best Regards,
> Laszlo Papp
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