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First I want to say I am sorr, here is that email content once again
(really sory for the duplication)y, I snet this email before but used
by mistake my work email and that is not registered so it will wait
for moderation
Hi Lazlo,
Did you tried the application first?
Also any constructive ideas?
I will try to make time in weeekend and compile it on mu kubuntu(if someone
has instructions or a package would be great)
Now if the logic code is clener and better then oin the old application what
is so hard to create an alternative interface? the old interface is easy to
make)at least the main window) .

To all KDE-edu  comunity please keep you mind open and give the application a
try and work with the developer to improve it.( I am not the developer and I
do not know him)

What I would like to check first in the application is the support for people
with eye problems, like possibility to configure the fonts sizes.

Simion Ploscariu

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Date: Fri, May 4, 2012 at 3:16 AM
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> No, the current UI isn't available, I don't have a replacement and I don't
> intend to create one.

-1 from my side for KDE Edu integration. No care about existing happy
users, and forcing them into a limitation (in this case Plasma) which
has not existed before sounds uncool to me. I am sorry for saying

Perhaps you can take a look at kanagram and khangman how those got
extended instead of dropping an already working solution which certain
users already liked. As for me KDE is not just about Plasma.

Best Regards,
Laszlo Papp
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