Pairs Beta test

Marco Calignano marco.calignano at
Tue Mar 27 18:35:10 UTC 2012

Hello everyone,

maybe some of you don't know this, but we had the luxury of beta testers 
for Pairs.

Since the 2nd of January the Kindergarten of my son agreed to beta test 
I installed kubuntu on an old computer and they bought a 22 inches touch 
Of course the kids are happy and the are really comfortable with the 
touch screen,
but also the teachers are really happy because the kids can concentrate 

Of course they ask for improvement!
Every suggestion/request they made is theme related: they need theme 
with more elements,
for older children, they need letters and number.

Now we will start building an editor (it was supposed to be already 
but the developer that worked on it is not contacting us anymore, like 
Aleix said maybe he found a girlfriend :D ).

Anyway the editor won't be finished before KDE 4.9 is out so I was 
wandering if there is someone that can help
creating themes for Pairs.
To create a Theme is basically choose all images and create an XML file.
There are few examples even in the Pairs code. If anyone is willing to 
do it, they can ask me, I can help.
In fact I can also share the pictures that the teacher already gave me.

Hoping for help


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