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I'm an electronic engineering student from Austria and I have a question to
There are a lot of good ideas for GSoC, I'm already preparing a proposal
for kdevelop. However, I was also thinking about the open source project I
have started last year. It's an application for calculation of physical
expressions (and of course non-physical expressions). It is a mix between
an algebra system and a pocket calculator, more precise: its a text editor
with advanced calculation features, especially for technicians and people
who often have to calculate formulas with physical units. The program I'm
talking about is PhyxCalc ( PhyxCalc
was originally coded in Delphi, last year I contacted the author of the
application and we started to develop an opensource version in
the Christmas holidays. The author helped me a lot, especially with the
algorithms for the parser, but I commited most of the code. Why I'm writing
this? I realized that KDE has a calculator (KCalc) and a function plotter
(KAlgebra), but maybe the KDE project might be interested in a more
advanced calculation application. It would be nice for me to work for this
project on GSoC (yes I will work on this project also without GSoc, but I
could code a lot more if I would get paid for it). If you are interested,
I'll make a proposal. (I sent this email before to kde-devel and was
suggested to this mailing list)

Alexander Rössler (aka Strahlex)
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