Regarding the project : Python Back-end for Cantor

Vijay Mahantesh SM vijaym123 at
Wed Mar 14 14:19:26 UTC 2012

Hey ,
          The project seemed to be particularly interesting to me in 
many ways, first of all inclusion of Linear  Algebra options. The 
universal and heart tool for many scientific calculations !

I liked the GUI functionalities provided in the tool "Cantor"
1) Finding inverse of a matrix, Computing eigen vector and eigen values.
2) Plotting the graph .

I was wondering, if further inclusions with respect to GUI functionality 
of Linear Algebra, which would be of great use to scientific community :
1) Solving the equation with help of Gaussian method.
2) Finding rank of the matrix.
3) Finding power of a matrix.
4) Solving the tensor with the help of a matrix notations.
Just want to know, if this time in GSOc.
1) You are just planing to provide the conversion of "Cantor" from its 
present back-end in octave and Maxima to a full fledged back-end in 
Python ? In-addition to it planning to provide few more functionalities ? :)
2) Which version of Python are you planing to implement ?  :)

Vijay Mahantesh SM.
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