Regarding the Project: Python back-end for cantor

Vijay Mahantesh vijaym123 at
Tue Mar 13 11:49:25 UTC 2012

Hello ,

        I am Vijay Mahantesh SM from India. I am an open source enthusiast
and a big fan of computational mathematics. I came across this project in
KDE community website and was fascinated to find a project of my passion.
This project requires knowledge of C++ and Python Libraries (Numpy , Scipy,
MatplotLib ). I had worked on these libraries extensively for my research
work in Complex Networks ( Link <>) .

        I have a decent knowledge in C++ and proficient in LaTeX writing. I
have gone through the cantor application. Can i know how this project is
going to be laid out and a road map to get acquaintance with the
development environment. Looking forward for a positive reply.

Vijay Mahantesh SM
6th Sem,
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