Please check your group on

Mario Fux kde-ml at
Sun Jun 17 22:10:19 UTC 2012

Good morning

The budget and email to the board is almost ready to be sent and thus we can 
start waiting for approval of this big sprint and budget.

In the meantime I was notified about the fact that it makes sense to check the 
groups. As you see on the page [1] the amount of travel costs 
(plus some more 1000 € for swiss train tickets and accommodation) is quite 
high this year. Thus it makes sense to be sure if it's really worth to bring 
all these people to Randa.

Therefore (and as I myself don't know each and every person on this big list 
[1]) I'd like to ask you to take a look at the list of people of your group.

Thx and CU hopefully in Randa


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