My Rocs work plan for KDE SC 4.9

Andreas Cord-Landwehr phoenixx at
Sun Jan 8 10:11:55 UTC 2012

Hey, a (pretty late) Happy New Year!

Since my current paper deadline is approaching and hence time for hacking at 
Rocs will be plenty, soon, here a small list of the major things I am planning 
to do for the next release:

1. Rocs Lib (especially the visual graph editor and data structure backend): I 
am planning a general cleanup, especially Unit Tests, CMakeLists, Coding 
Styles, API, file structure,... -- with KDE SC 4.9 I would like to have the 
lib in such a shape that it could even be used by another project :) [actually 
I have a faint idea about a graphical literature mindmap tool... but let's not 
talk about unlaid eggs]

2. Actions at GraphEditor: Continuing the work from the last (well current) 

3. Simulate: Besides the "Run" and "Stop" button I will introduce a "Simulate" 
Button that allows after script execution to reset the graph to its state 
before the execution was started. [missed this badly last year during my 

4. Graph Property Widget: UI cleanup.


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