Working with QML to do a new UI for Pairs.

Ankit Bhatnagar ankitbhatnagar2012 at
Thu Jan 5 20:00:23 UTC 2012

This is with reference to the recent work, I have been doing, with the
guidance of Aleix Pol, for enhancing the current user-interface for Pairs (
the memory game ). I have worked on the game work-flow.

I had earlier planned was a multiple sliding window interface (docked in
the same window & sliding to give way to the next) with each individual
window for --
1) New Game + Add players
2) Selection of themes, language and game type
3) Game play

But, somehow the idea of sliding a complete window to give way to another,
didnt work-out. Anyone got any suggestions on how to implement that ??? :)

What I've now done is more-feasible if the game is to be installed on
mobile devices, especially. The game view remains the same, while the
options to be entered emerge in windows above the game view window,
partially. Working with opacity filters & parallel animation framework in
QtQuick now and it seems rather interesting now.

Please comment/suggest if any.

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