Some Rocs Updates

Andreas Cord-Landwehr phoenixx at
Sun Feb 26 15:11:28 UTC 2012

Hello all, there are some short updates about Rocs:

1. Continuous Build Integration Server
Last week Rocs was integrated into Thus, build and unit tests 
are now run automatically after each commit. The main goal is an improved 
product quality by faster identification of regressions and a more focussed 
use of unit tests. Build reports are available at [1] and also 
sent to a new rocs-devel mailing list (see below).

2. Bug-Report Notifications
To increase respond times to Rocs bug reports, all new Rocs bugs are now 
assigned to a dummy user "rocs-bugs-null at". This means, to get imediate 
notifications about new bugs you can edit your preferences to get 
all notifications that also "rocs-bugs-null at" gets.
(Go to, got to "Edit my Preferences" and edit "Email 

3. Rocs-devel Mailinglist
There is a new mailing list "rocs-devel at" [2] that receives all 
notifications about regressions and failed builds of Rocs. (And probably could 
be used for our recent quite numerous technical Rocs discussions that were 
done by private mail...)


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