Research Project With Rocs and Step

Tomaz Canabrava tcanabrava at
Thu Feb 2 10:16:29 UTC 2012

Hello People,

A little while ago, a Researcher named Michal Wrobel from the Gdansk
University of Technology got in contact with the KDE - Community Group
asking about the projects, we exchanged a few e-mails and he told me
that he have three groups of 4 students, that are already major in
Enginering, to do a 3 to 4 months project on Open Source.

I talked to him about the KDE-Edu project, and the projects that we
have already in the house, then after a few e-mails, he answered me

I think Rocs would be great - we have great researchers in Graph
Theory. Second could be Step with 3D improvements.

Could you prepare 3 or 4 sentence describing each topic?

So, Step Developers, and Rocs Developers ( me included ),
Can you guys prepare a three or four sentence describing a topic for


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