Mailing list setting change proposal for "Reply to all"

Laszlo Papp lpapp at
Fri Dec 14 05:34:02 UTC 2012

> What mailman setting is the one you want to change?

To be honest, not entirely sure. ;-)

k-c-d also behaves this way, and it seems kde-devel, too. There is no
"Reply to all" option when the original email is only sent to the
kde-edu at mailing list. However, this is not much of a burden on
k-c-d as contributors seem to be subscribed which is a bit distinct
tendency than here.

My best bet is this option that is not set to the strongly recommended

"Where are replies to list messages directed? Poster is
*strongly*recommended for most mailing lists."

The documentation is a bit geeky to me, and less understandable for an end
user than it could be. I assume there could be an option (i.e. perhaps this
one) to change the "Reply" behavior to personal reply, and there will be a
"Reply to all" option which is currently missing.

In my opinion, it is a valid expectation to use "Reply to all" once there
is such an option. That is how other mailing lists have been working
without complaints for a long time, like development at, google
group, and so forth.

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