Nicola De Filippo nicola at
Sun Apr 29 07:12:37 UTC 2012

In data sabato 28 aprile 2012 17:58:29, Aleix Pol ha scritto:
> Maybe you should explain what's your vision on your project, so that
> our community knows about it.

The project started in 2002 as the porting software windows [1] ivana of bags 
(bags ivana is a teacher), and then it become independent. Educazionik 
currently has 9 software, including at least 6 suitable for all languages​​. 
Currently the software is developed with Qt4 widget my goal is to pass to QML 
and QT5, to be used on desktops and other devices (tablet, mobile) easily. 
Here's an example that I did for fun for my daughter (wetab + mer + plasma; in 
this example i haven't used plasma/qml extension, but only standard qml). So 
my goal is to make the software available for a greater number of people, by 
providing my experience with aids for the handicapped.
Hoping to have been clear, good work!


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