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Dan Cracan danciac at
Thu Apr 12 08:24:52 UTC 2012

On 04/06/2012 12:49 AM, Alexander Rieder wrote:
> On Thursday 05 April 2012 16:57:56 Dan Cracan wrote:
>> Hello everybody!
>> I just wanted to introduce myself to the community. I am a student at a
>> technical university and I often use python to process data or to write
>> some scripts. It is a pity for me that one cannot use the awesome cantor
>> features for python programming. This is why I would like to work on the
>> python backend for cantor gsoc project.
>> All the best,
>> Dan Cracan
> Hello and Welcome.
> If you want to partecipate in GSoC, did you submit your proposal yet? If not
> you may want to hurry as there isn't that much time left.
> best regards,
> Alexander
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Hi Alexander and sorry for the late reply.

I did submit my proposal, but it may seem quite thin. However I did 
start researching on the matter and have managed to create a very simple 
python backend for cantor (it just repeats the things you input). For 
some simple commands to work, I have to dig a little bit deeper on the 
matter of I/O stream redirection as for now some weird things happen 
that I cannot explain.

I am using KProcess to create the thread for the python interpreter (and 
use qDebug to have some feedback), and when I enter something, for 
example "2+2", I get nothing in the Cantor window, but I can see in the 
console, that my input has been transfered to the python interpreter. 
The weird thing now is that when I enter a wrong syntax, for example, 
"5randomstring", I also don't get anything in the Cantor window but in 
the console I get the wrong syntax error message. If there's something 
that pops to your mind right away please do tell me, otherwise I'll keep 
looking for the answer.

If you have any further questions, I'll try my best to quickly answer them.

All the best,

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