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Mon Apr 2 11:19:52 UTC 2012


With the number of Cantor backends growing steadily, and a GSoC idea
published for another, I thought I'd jump back on that bandwagon as well. A
tool that is very popular especially among physicists is ROOT, the data
analysis framework from Cern ( It contains an
interpreter for C/C++ with an interactive command line, as well as support
for loading source files.

As a Physics student, both myself and my classmates have used it for
several assignments, so I'm confident I'll be able to integrate all the
applicable features into Cantor. It has all features expected from a
numerical calculation system (linear algebra, algebraic and differential
equation solving, minimization, numerical integration). It also has an
extensive plotting library.

I'm especially interesting in writing a backend as part of GSoC, so I'm
wondering if anyone is prepared to be a mentor. I know there already is a
similar idea for a Python backend, but as far as I can tell there is
already a lot of interest for that one. Additionally, integrating ROOT
would definitely be more useful to me. I was involved in Cantor for a
while, but got overwhelmed by school obligations lately, so I don't even
know how many available mentors there are. On the other hand, I already
know the code, so I'd probably need relatively little mentoring. Should I
go ahead and write a proposal or is this a futile task? I would write such
a thing in my spare time, but that is currently very scarce due to (again)

Miha Čančula
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