[kde-edu]: Re: Asy exporter: Bezier curves

Raoul raoulb at bluewin.ch
Wed Mar 30 17:38:50 CEST 2011


> I committed the Raoul patch;


> the patch was however purged of any stilistic modifications
> and I only kept the code changes and copyright updates.

Ok, thanks too for that.

> Stilistic modifications could perhaps be applied separately,
> but perhaps someone else than me should do that.

I could do that if we decide what should be done.
But it has no priority for me right now.

> Raoul: thank you very much for the time you spent on the asy
> exporter.  I really like this feature!

Thank you! I'm glad you like the new feature :-)

If you have some ideas for improvement, just let me know.

The next step is to make the asy exporter aware of line
width settings. Line styles and colors are implemented already.

> > I also added quadratic Beziers to asy without relying
> > to the generic curve output.
> A quadratic Bezier is actually a conic arc... perhaps we should
> somehow take advantage of this (I mean, not just for exporting) since
> I have the feeling that kig is not aware of this possible
> identification... 

Yeah, would be great. Recently I played around with the diff geo tools,
see the attachment. It works nicely for this bezier curve.

> > I'll try, but I won't promise any time limit. There are many things
> > missing and several Bugs in the existing exporters. And probably
> > I'll have many more questions about Kig internals ...
> Whatever you are able to do is welcome!
> > By the way, what do you think about putting the PSTricks and Tikz
> > impvisitors in separate files as I did with the asy impvisitor? This
> > would help clean up the huge latexexporter file.
> I cannot comment on this.  Pino, can you comment?

-- Raoul
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