[kde-edu]: GSoC 2011 proposal for Kiten

Daniel E. Moctezuma democtezuma at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 01:29:27 CET 2011

Hi there,

In an attempt to resurrect Kiten I'm working with this proposal that I would
like to participate in as a student.
It would be great to have some feedback from the community, and know if
there is anyone who would like to mentor this project:

My proposal consists on a series of modules that would improve the
current functionalities and user experience.

   1. *Make a better deinflection system*. The current one doesn't recognize
   verbs ending with kuru/suru/sareru etc. Kiten should recognize when the user
   searches for a conjugated verb, deinflect it and search for it in the
   2. *Improve the GUI*.
      - When searching for a word Kiten should show a clear separation
      between matches (exact, match beginning, any).
      - Show names and last names in a separate category.
      - Show place names in a separate category.
   3. *Make a Kanji selector (by grade)*. While already exists a Radical
   Selector for Kanji, it would be great to have a list of kanji sorted by
   grade. Think of it as a student learning kanji from scratch, having a
   selector will help to learn them gradually as well as being able to know its
   meaning by clicking on it and displaying it (searching in the existing
   dictionaries in Kiten).

I'm also thinking on a good title for this, at the moment I like: "Improving
the user experience on Kiten". I'll appreciate your feedback on this as

Thanks in advance.

Daniel E. Moctezuma
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