[kde-edu]: Re: GSOC proposal for Plasma Educational Desktop

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Mon Mar 21 17:16:02 CET 2011

On Sunday 20 March 2011, karan pratap singh wrote:
> Hi,
> With this I am sending the first draft of my Google Summer of Code proposal
> for Plasma Educational Dekstop.
> Please go through it and let me know where I can further improve it.
> A detailed critique would be nice if you have the time!

just some quick comments:

the point 1) plasmaED users: this is not a component, it's a part of the use 
case scenario, that should be another section before the rest (like an usual 
scenario/personas description, boring but helps describing the problem)

a panel with icon lauchers is a core feature i think (that gets remote 
controlled by the teacher)
but as you described it looks like mostly a copy of the osx dock. (in the 
archives of this list there are multiple threads explaining several times why 
this is not going to happen)

dolphin title bar: it's not clear what it is and where this would be 

the implementation of the network is a generic "let's use telepathy" while for 
soe things it will be the way to go (i.e kwhiteboard, some chat features) it 
doesn't describe that in any technical way, that makes the proposal a bit 

tablet part: while it will be important in the future i think would be a bit 
too much to be part of this gsoc just yet.

basically should be adapted with some of the things that we talked about 
during the meeting

Marco Martin

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