[kde-edu]: Re: New asymptote export filter for Kig (second try)

Raoul raoulb at bluewin.ch
Mon Mar 7 23:38:14 CET 2011


> I would prefer adding an entry in the export menu rather than
> an option in the latex export that creates something that is
> not a latex file.


> Summarizing, the three options would be:
> - standalone asymptote export (in the Export menu')
> - Latex input file (in the Export->latex)
> - standalone latex file (in the Export->latex; checking "standalong")

Yes, this covers all possibel use cases.

> If there are no objections on this choice, is it possible for you
> to create a new patch file?

Here it is, a first proof of concept. The patch still
needs some clean up.

-- Raoul
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