Cantor - feature requests

Alexander Rieder alexanderrieder at
Sat Jun 4 15:13:12 CEST 2011

On Saturday 04 June 2011 14:12:30 Uwe Fechner wrote:
>  Hello,

> I am very happy about Cantor, and suggest it to all my students.
I'm glad you like my little app, and thanks for spreading the word.

> Some small feature requests:
> 1. I miss the possibility, to insert "new page" page breaks into the
>     worksheet. This is really annoying, if you have a long calculation
>     and want to print it.
> 2. The menu entry "Edit" is missing completely. This is not very nice.
>     Commands like "Copy", "Paste", "Search" and "Search and Replace" should
>     be available.

Thank you for your ideas. Unfortunately I'm very short on free time at the 
moment, so I can't really do any developement right now. Hopefully my schedule 
will clear up in a  month or two and I can get back to hacking. So no new 
features for now (unless you or someone else wants to give it a shot). Sorry

best regards,
Alexander Rieder

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