Review Request: Enable Shortcuts + Toolbar configuration in KmPlot

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Tue Jul 12 11:34:56 CEST 2011

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Review request for KDE Edu, Anne-Marie Mahfouf and Christoph Feck.


adding the kdeedu coordinator


Since around kde 4.1/4.2 selecting the menu items Settings->Configure Shortcuts and Settings->Configure Toolbars do not launch both configuration dialogs any more. So it is impossible now to change shortcuts and toolbar items in kmplot.

With this patch the toolbars dialog with both toolbars is opened and the items can be changed. The shortcuts dialog opens as well, but not all actions/shortcuts are listed, only New, Open, Quit, Full Screen Mode, Handbook, WhatsThis, About KDE, About KmPlot, Configure Shortcuts, Configure Toolbars, Report Bug, Show Statusbar and Switch Languages.
All other actions/shortcuts can only be configured using kmplot_part_readonly in konqueror.
That is the same behavior as in kde 3.9.

I don't understand all the magic behind shell/parts + menu/actions merging so I can not fix the missing actions in the shortcuts dialog.

Strange is that kmplot has 3 rc files (kmplot_shell.rc, kmplot_part.rc and kmplot_part_readonly.rc) whereas e.g okular/konsole (also usable as kparts in konqueror) have only two rc files.

This addresses bugs 177014 and 268445.


  kmplot/kmplot_part.rc fc64866 
  kmplot/kmplot_shell.rc 8c0824f 



Works for me as described above.



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