[kde-edu]: Principles on what KDE for Windows includes?

Elias Aarnio elias.aarnio at innopark.fi
Mon Oct 4 15:03:44 CEST 2010


I have been trying to search a Windows binary for a city of pretty 
moderate size. They want to have an FLOSS replacement for Paint Shop 
Pro. Krita would be a good alternative. The problem is that 
http://windows.kde.org/ does not really contain any information on how 
to find a Krita Windows package. I installed the package in a Windows 
box - no luck. Then I found some information on that it might exist in 
an older version but I could not find it.

Who would know about KDE for Windows? Excellent stuff for education if 
we can just fix the availability.

Elias Aarnio
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