[kde-edu]: Work on the new layout for the web site

Matthias Meßmer matthias at familie-messmer.de
Sat May 29 18:01:36 CEST 2010


I am working on the new layout of the website. Even if the framework
(capacity) is the same, a lot has changed. Look at http://www.kde.org

I tried to take over the presentation of application information sorted
by categories like http://www.kde.org/applications

Our applications present a lot of further information on their subpages
on edu.kde.org that shall not be integrated in these kind of overview
pages. So every edu application shall keep its own folder with
individual information.

I found that on kde.org every application has a JSON file containing
basic information. These files are human readable and can be parsed
easily by PHP. So I suggest to use this syntax for the navigation thru
the applications' homepage. A menu.json file looks like this:

  "Information": [
    [ "Description", "description.php" ]
  "Tutorials": [
    [ "Logo Files", "files.php" ]
  "Development": [
    [ "Current Status", "current.php" ],
    [ "Translation", "translator.php" ]

I used KTurtle as example.

Then I declared a PHP class to parse and print this as a menu box. To
call this the PHP file just needs the line

$infomenu = new InfoMenu();

The result looks like this:


Let me hear your opinion!

Best regards


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