[kde-edu]: Introdection of myself to KDE's GSoC project -- Community Integration for KStars

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Wed Mar 10 12:18:31 CET 2010

My name is Suhang, a student in my 1st year of my doctor's degree on multimedia and internet from China,GMT+8. I find myself interested in your GSoC project. So I write this email to introduce my self to KDE.
The project "Community Integration for KStars" is my favorite one, and I have some initial ideas about it here:
XML is a widely used file format and there exist several widely used open source XML parsing tools also. Making use of already existed xml parsing code would make is much easier to complete OAL 2.x. XMLParser is one of the most famous libs to do that. I have used XMLParser in the projects I participated in to fetch configuration info and object list. 
To fulfill to goal of fetching xml file from and uploading file to a server on internet, libcurl would a big help, which could work under both http, ftp, https, ftps and many other protocols. I used to fulfill a FTP Client above  libcurl. I think the experience would be big help for the GSoC project.
What's more, I'm a C++ programmer with the experience of project for 5+ years. A P2P video player is my team's last project. I developed the overlay, video server, rp server, cache system, UI and several other components of the P2P system. And we use SVN as the version management tool.
What's more, I can't open the url of "OAL 2.x schema" listed on the project introduction. May be there're some errors on that page? where can I get more information about it and KStar and other related references? And is there some qualification task I should finish to apply for KDE GSoC projects?
That's  my Initial  ideas about kStar and my self introduction. I hope I'm not bothering you too much before the application timeline start. I'll appreciate your feedback about my ideas or any other advices or information. Thank U for reading this email.


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