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LucaTringali TRINGALINVENT at libero.it
Wed Jul 21 12:05:26 CEST 2010

>----Messaggio originale----

>> What about iTalc (it's qt based) but I don't know if it's still maintained?
>> http://italc.berlios.de or something like that.
The web site is http://italc.sourceforge.net/home.php and it seems they are 
working on a new version. Are we sure it could be used also with an LTSP 
If yes iTalc could be a wonderful solution, and we must try to integrate it 
into KDE-edu

>The control thing can be achieved in a much simpler way, just by changing 
>shortcut icons one the students computer, the teacher would prepare a class 
>with summary, that would also have a list of available applications to use 
>a given class + documents to be shared, possibly if we make the blackboard 
>plasmoid, exercises... 
>Wen the student logs in to a class the standard desktop shifts to 

I'm not really sure of what you mean with "control thing": the method you 
is useful to organize the desktop, but it doesn't allow the teacher to control 
watching their screens, moving their mouses and using their keyboards.
The thing you said about the organization of the student desktop is 
intresting, and the
shortcut icons could be organized in a plasmoid like daisy (i attached a 
mockup in the 
last mail) so that everything students will need could be found in the same 
Little childs, expecially, needs to have everything already ready for the use.
I'm working on a tool that allows the teacher setting the students desktop, 
but it's not 
usable at this moment.

>and since we removed the points of entry to run random software it now 
>under the control of the teacher. 

I think we don't have to remove the possibility to run every kind of program, 
this is a 
form of freedom, and its also simplier for teachers.
We could think about a "black list" (set by the teacher)  of programs that the 
cannot run (we could simply develop a daemon that reads the commands run by 
student and send to them a kill signal if that command is written into the 
black list. 
If you want I develop it.)

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