[kde-edu]: This KDE Science thing

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Mon Jul 19 19:19:02 CEST 2010

On Saturday 17 July 2010 00:57:18 Akarsh Simha wrote:
> Hi
> I was at Akademy, attended Stuart's talk, but couldn't make it to the
> BoF. In any case, I was wondering if a KDE science could be a good
> place for apps that are not education per se, but more research
> oriented stuff, to go into.
> Let me pick an example app -- say I write a KDE front-end to an
> astronomical image processing program -- I don't think there's a place
> to put that as yet in KDE. I am inclined to believe that Cantor (but
> not Step) would possibly be better in such a place. Apart from that,
> there's a lot of scope for a lot more KDE applications to come up into
> KDE science -- I can think of a few potential apps in Physics (but of
> course, we do need coders!). Maybe creating a module called KDE
> science will spur up some action.
> Regards
> Akarsh
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That depends a lot on what you do consider for education. Getting to know more 
things is both science and education. I understand the target is a little 
different but I don't think it is that much.

If we consider we need two different coordinations it's fine to have a separate 
module but that would double quite some effort. We can see that KDE Science 
iniciative as a promoting KDE (overall) for science creation and let the 
programs to be organized as they are now. I'd say it's the science developers 
who should decide if they want to organize separatedly, but given that this 
iniciative is coming from promo I don't see a reason for splitting development 


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