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LucaTringali TRINGALINVENT at libero.it
Sun Jul 18 16:13:59 CEST 2010

Hello everybody, I asked to a teacher (from primary school) I know here in 
Italy some 
questions advanced previously from Aaron about how they actually teach 
science and what they will need. I uploaded here www.kraskikrti.net/images.tar.
a zip file with two images (bold.png and mockup.png).

Actually at the school where the teacher I spoke with works they have hanged 
on the wall of
the computers's room a group of A4 pages with a big drawing of the main icons 
and their use.
The file bold.png gives you an idea of this. Another thing is that the teacher 
works with a 
projector, so the students can follow what the teacher is doing and do it 
For class 1° and 2° they teach students how to write short texts and how to 
use TuxPaint to draw
the cover for their exercise books. From 3° class students learn how to create 
with Powerpoint or Impress and they create presentations about topics 
discovered in the year
(from history, geography, science, ...). They also learn to use Excel (or 
Calc) to draw simple tables.
For the class 4° and 5° (the last two) teachers organize a project every year 
producing something
multimedial (two years ago they produced a little cartoon, this year they 
recorded a song and
created a video for it). In these projects first of all there is a brainstorm 
session where 
students says what they would like to do, then the students are organized in 
groups, and every 
child does a part of the thing, then all is put togheter by the teacher. 
Obiously the teacher
follows every part of the building process, to prevent and solve problems.

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